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Quaeras de dubiis legem bene discere si vis

(Inquire into them to see what things are true)


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Louis L. Akin Twice Honored with Meritorious Awards for Excellence in Investigations

Louis L. Akin was awarded the Meritorious Service Award for Investigative Excellence 2009 for performing a pro bono investigation for the family of a murder victim. He used a confidential informant to locate witnesses who had refused to talk to the police. The witnesses led to the identification of the murderer who was brought to trial and sentenced to prison for life.

Akin was previously awarded the Meritorious Service Award for Investigative Excellence, 2007, for discovering a wiretap installed on the telephone line beneath the home of an Austin woman. The discovery led to the arrest and conviction of a 55-year old Austin contractor who stalked and harassed ex-girlfriends over the past 20-years. The contractor was convicted of wiretapping and burglary and was sentenced to five years in prison. Akin had previously received the TALI President's Award in 2006 for his work as associate editor of the Texas Investigator magazine.


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Crime Analyst Louis L. Akin is a Licensed Professional Investigator with twenty-five years investigative experience in criminal and personal injury investigations. As his references attest, he is highly skilled at death scene analysis. 



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Civic and Professional

Louis Akin & VU-7  S2C No. 10.jpg        Louis Akin in police uniform 1968.jpg              

              Squadron VU7 US Navy                     El Paso Police Dept                       Oak Hill Fire Dept                   Autopsy Technician/Death Investigator           


    • Vice President, Texas After Violence Project 2013

    • President, Texas Criminal Defense Investigators' Alliance 2008-2010

    • Recipient: Meritorious Award for Investigative Excellence, Texas Association of Licensed Investigators, 2009

    • Regional Director, Region Four, Texas Association of Licensed Investigators, 2007-08

    • Recipient: President's Award,  Texas Association of Licensed Investigators, 2006

    • Recipient: Meritorious Award for Investigative Excellence, Texas Association of Licensed Investigators, 2007

    • Associate Editor, Texas Investigator Magazine. 2005-2009

    • Fire Fighter, Oak Hill Fire Department, 2001

    • Freelance Journalist and Photographer

    • President, Blue Hill Neighborhood Association 1999-2002

    • Chair, Ethics Committee, Texas Association of Licensed Investigators

    • Chair, Public Relations Committee, Texas Association of Licensed Investigators

    • Police Officer, El Paso Police Department

    • Air Crew, Squadron VU-7, United States Navy


               Licensed Private Investigator A10791

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