What Clients Say about Louis L. Akin

"Louis Akin is extremely bright and creative. His experience in crime scene forensics is unmatched and he is an excellent witness at trial. Working with Louis is a genuine pleasure.”

Grant Scheiner, Criminal Defense Attorney, Houston, Texas

"I asked Mr. Akin to help my family to find the killer and he said he would do it pro bono. He used an informant to find the names of witnesses who had refused to talk to the police and got them to talk to the police and tell them who the killer was. After that the police arrested the killer and he was convicted of murder. It was the actions of Mr. Akin that led the police to the killer’s arrest. Mr. Akin handled himself in the most professional way, providing us answers, understanding our grief, helping us get over our distrust of the police, and giving us a great deal of moral support."

Maria Jaimez, Sister of Deceased, Austin, Texas

(Dear Louis Akin) "He (Federal Public Defender Joel Page) is an amazing guy! I'm so impressed with you and your circle of friends. I am still a little institutionalized in some ways and find it very fascinating that someone in this world truly does care about Justice and actually devotes time into trying to right the wrongs of our system. I hold you and people like you and Joel in very high esteem There is no way I could ever thank you guys enough for being who you are."

Doyle Ard, exonerated innocent Texas inmate, Dallas

"I hired Louis Akin to assist me in the defense of a client charged with killing an unarmed man by shooting him in the face with a handgun. Mr. Akin was able to explain to the jury that, in spite of what eyewitnesses said, the physical evidence clearly showed that the defendant fired in self-defense after the attacker punched him in the face. The defendant was acquitted. Mr. Akin was a tremendous help to me in the defense of this case."

T. Ryan Deaton, Criminal Defense Attorney, Lufkin TX

"Mr. Akin's involvement in our capital case proved to be invaluable. He prepared me to cross the state's experts and the Texas Rangers and he testified very well. When Mr. Akin left the witness stand the Judge commented in chambers that Mr. Akin was extremely impressive. I have worked with a number of experts who I consider to be "good experts" within their fields; however, Mr. Akin was far from being simply a "good expert." I was very impressed with his work, his knowledge, and his ability to relay concepts to a jury."

J. Paxton Adams, Montgomery County, Texas

(US v Major Nidal Hasan)
“Mr. Akin and I personally visited the crime scene on several occasions to examine, document, and analyze everything from bullet holes to blood splatter. Mr. Akin conducted trajectory analysis in order to establish the pathway of the shooter through the building and nearby area, as well as the positions of the victims. Mr. Akin conducted countless interviews with me and other team members to reconstruct, from the bottom up, what happened on the day of the shooting. He identified other experts who would be of assistance to fully understand the crime scene. He produced charts, diagrams, and reports and identified inconsistencies with the reports of prosecution experts and witnesses. He also performed numerous other types of task and analysis in support of the defense. Mr. Akin’s role in the case was extremely important...”

Lt Col. Chris Martin, Judge Advocate, US Army, Fort Hood, TX

“...he succeeded in establishing rapport with witnesses that both sides of the suit had given up for lost, uncovered evidence which the police and coroner had failed to discover, and reported his activities succinctly, promptly, and with extraordinary professionalism. Mr. Akin comes to you with the heartiest of recommendations from our offices.”

Jerald W. F. Jamison, Attorney, San Francisco, California

"Thank you again for your invaluable insight and feedback in this matter. The Judge acquitted of the first degree (murder) and found the lesser included involuntary manslaughter...we succeeded in proving the physical evidence did not match the State's testimony. Thanks again."

Dennis Doherty, Attorney, Chicago, ILL

“...great tenacity and fervent attention to detail...ability to handle a wide range of assignments. A very skilled, efficient and highly professional criminal investigator. Always eager and available at a moment’s notice.”

Tony Tamburello, Attorney, San Francisco, California

“I have known Louis Akin for several years now and he is my go to person for shooting reconstruction and blood pattern analysis. Louis most recently testified for me as an expert in the fields of shooting /crime scene reconstruction and blood spatter analysis in the matter of United States v Specialist Saleel Quassim…Louis was able to establish that the individual who was shot by my client was much closer than the El Paso Police and Army Criminal Investigation division had estimated. Louis’ testimony was essential to the defense of this young soldier. I can say that Louis is a valuable asset to have in my practice.”

Leonard Morales, Attorney, El Paso, Texas

"Louie's meticulous attention to detail and extensive knowledge of forensic investigative techniques helped us to convince the government's lawyer to offer a plea to a lesser charge, thereby saving our client's life. Louis Akin and Akin Investigation bring a unique valuable perspective to the defense team."

John S. Young, Board Certified Criminal Defense lawyer, Sweetwater, Texas

“...highly competent not only in street investigations, but in crime scene reconstruction and preparation of exhibits and evidentiary memorandums. I consider Mr. Akin the best and give him my unqualified recommendation.”

Michael R. Gibson, Attorney, El Paso, Texas

“I hired Louis Akin as a crime scene expert to help me in a difficult case where my client was shot and paralyzed by a police officer. Louis’ assistance was absolutely invaluable. His expertise and ability to reconstruct a shooting scene and then support his findings with science was phenomenal. His commitment and passion to his craft are unsurpassed. You can’t go wrong in making him a part of your trial team.”

Catherine Clare Bernhard, Criminal Defense Attorney, Red Oak TX

“One of the most important “first calls” a criminal defense lawyer makes is to a quality private investigator who provides the lawyer and client every opportunity for a successful resolution of the case. Louis Akin is that investigator.”

John Niland, Attorney, Texas Defenders Service, Austin, Texas

“...an unusually high caliber investigator. Louis is capable of performing extremely meticulous investigations and gathering evidence that many other investigators miss. He often adds insight to cases offering suggestions on legal theories and case strategies. His reports are well organized and written in a clear concise style.”

Michael L. Hill, Attorney, El Paso, Texas

"Louis Akin is the kind of investigator that gives your client their money's worth. He takes his work seriously and leaves no stone unturned and no theory uninvestigated. He is completely honest, reputable and hard working. I especially appreciated the detailed, professional reports that Louis provided to me."

Nancy Hohengarten, Attorney, Austin, Texas

“...enthusiasm, dependability, and creativity that I have usually not found in the performance of an investigator...often added to the case with details of facts which were developed on his own...general knowledge of the law which he skillfully applies…”

Charles C. Dyer, Attorney, San Mateo, California

“Mr. Akin was able to locate and obtain critically important statements from witnesses to an incident that had occurred five years before.”

Clinton Cross, Former Texas Assistant Attorney General

"He is a very intelligent and hardworking investigator and the work he has done on the cases I worked with him was quite impressive."

William E. Moody, First Assistant District Attorney, El Paso, Texas

“Mr. Akin has a motto: Quaeras de dubiis, legem bene discere si vis (Inquire into them, to know what things are true) Louis lives up to the motto in that he digs until he gets to the truth. He has always retrieved the truth on cases he has handled for me. I know that some say that the Yogurt Shop Murder Case in Austin, Texas was impossible to win, however Louis' hard work and dogged determination has yielded a plethora of great information that will inevitably set another innocent man free. Thank you Louis. I strongly recommend you to those in need of a skilled and loyal investigator.” February 17, 2009

Tony Diaz Criminal Defense Lawyer

“This is written as an unqualified endorsement of Mr. Louis L. Akin. I can attest to the courage, veracity, articulateness, tact and maturity of this perspicacious man. My associations with him have involved both the keeping and transfer of highly confidential and sometimes volatile information. His swiftness of thought and ability to recall great volumes of data surely supplement is virtues. Most of all, I like to see people of Mr. Akin's high ethical standards at the bar.”

Melvin P. Straus, Professor of Political Science, Chairman of West Texas ACLU

“Louis is an incredibly intelligent man, with a sharp wit, who is very open-minded at the same time. He has been the brain-child of numerous brilliant ideas for our state association (TALI) and very instrumental in putting them into play. During the past two years that I have been President of TALI, I have observed Louis working diligently to raise the level of professionalism for Texas Private Investigators.

He serves TALI as Chairman of two very important committees: Commendations (which he developed to identify and recognize exceptional investigative work), and Associate Editor of The Texas Investigator, our beautiful magazine. Because of Louis’ numerous contributions to TALI, he was awarded the President’s Award at our 2006 Convention for his service to TALI.”

Karen Hewitt, President, Texas Association of Licensed Investigators

“Louis is a man with an astounding history of education, training and experience. As a result of his tireless diligence, he is highly regarded for his ability to work effectively, not only as a crime scene investigator/blood spatter analyst, but a vast range of key related disciplines. Louis has a rare enthusiasm for his work and a keen sensitivity to the importance of simply finding the truth."

Michael Spence, Ph.D., Forensic DNA expert, Spence Forensic Resources, New Mexico

“...a very intelligent person with high ethical standards. I have no reservations in recommending Mr. Akin as an extremely competent, creative, and dependable investigator.”

Sib Abraham, Attorney, El Paso, Texas

“...a highly effective investigator in the areas of civil and criminal pretrial discovery...an astute and very productive investigator.”

Patrick M. Buckman, LPI, San Francisco, California

“...a person of integrity...he does thorough, detailed, and excellent work presenting the results in an organized, understandable manner."

Jay Nye, Public Defender, El Paso, Texas

“...an indispensable right-hand man. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”

Bruce Ponder, Public Defender, El Paso, Texas

“Louis is an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated investigator. I have taken informal forensics seminars from him on various occasions, with each being a challenging and rewarding experience. Louis is also an extremely generous professional - affording individuals such as myself the opportunity to submit articles for publication consideration in various forensics journals, as well as sharing information on forensics educational and training opportunities. It is through the help of committed professionals like Louis that students such as myself are successfully able to navigate entrance into the professional world of forensics.” February 24, 2009

Micaela Obledo , PhD, Travis County S.O.

“...very intelligent, diligent, and responsible ...investigated my cases thoroughly …discovered eyewitnesses when I thought I didn’t have any.”

Juan A. Gonzalez, Attorney, El Paso, Texas

"Louis is a marvelous forensic investigator, testifies well, and has aided me and other New Mexico lawyers in defending capital criminal cases!"

Gloria McCary New Mexico Public Defender

“...very hardworking, dependable, and intelligent...a very nice person who has outstanding judgment. I give him the strongest possible recommendation.”

Duane B. Garrett, Civil Attorney, San Francisco, California